• Have fun and be respectful.
  • This is a resurrection-style tournament. No long-term injuries or SPPs.
  • All figures must be painted to a three-color minimum standard.
  • All figures must be numbered on the front and back of the bases.
  • The top four players at the end of game 5 play for first and second places. The top two stunty teams (assuming there are two stunty players will play for the “The Right Stuff” award in round six.  The stunty teams are:  Ogre, Halfling, Goblin, Underworld (without Skaven of any type) and Lizardmen without Saurus.  There is a 2 hour and 15 minute time limit for each game.
  • No illegal procedure.
  • Shared dice: Sharing dice is encouraged. Work it out with your opponents as to which set of dice to use. However, this isn’t mandatory.
  • “Counts as” models may be used as long as they are properly painted and numbered AND are easily identifiable during the game.
  • You can take back a move if no dice were thrown.
  • Re-roll dice that are even remotely cocked.
  • Keep track of foul attempts for the Dirty Player award.
  • All casualties count for the Most Brutal (or similar) awards are counted regardless of their source.


Eligible Teams 

All of the teams available in the Current Blood Bowl Rulebook, Death Zone Seasons 1 and 2, Spike Magazines (1-3), as well as the teams of Bretonian, Khorne and Slaan may be used at the 2019 West Coast Quake Tournament.  Note, team listings in Spike Magazine are to used instead of the Teams of Legend PDF. The West Coast Quake will be using the NAF Rules for Tournaments from their website also know as NAF Rules for Tournaments November 2018.

As this rules set makes inducements optional, the following inducements can be purchased as part of the team roster. Note: There are no pre-game inducements allowed as a result of a difference in team rating as all teams are given the same amount of starting gold.
  • Bloodweiser Babes (0-2) @ 50K each.
  • Bribes (0-3) @ 100K each. (50K for Goblin teams)
  • Halfling Master Chef (0-) @ 300K each. (100K for Halfling teams)
  • Igor (0-1) @ 100K each.
  • Star Player (0-2) @ various prices. Note: We are using the Legacy Star Player List from the NAF Rules for Tournaments from November 2018 as well as Star Players from the current rules, Death Zones 1 & 2  and the Spike Magazines.  Note you can only use one version of a Star Player.
  • Wandering Apothecaries (0-2) @ 100K each.
  • Spike Magazine 1-3 inducements (such as the Nurgling Swarm)

In addition, the rules for the official GW FAQ and Errata apply.

Note: You cannot purchase Special Play cards for your team we will be supplying custom Special Play Cards at the Tournament.

If there is a conflict between the rules, the NAF rules set will take precedence.

Team Build

Coaches have 1,100,000 gold crowns with which to build their teams. This includes also purchasing skills.  Normal skills cost 20,000.  Doubles skills cost 30,000.  No player can have more than 50,000 of extra skills. No stat increases are allowed. All teams will be required to field at least 11 players.  No skill can be purchased more than two times on any given team.    The following rules also apply

  • Human catchers are 60,000.
  • A Head Coach can “Argue the Call” on a sending off (DZ1).
  • Halfling treemen can the “Timmmber” skill (DZ1).
  • There are a number of team name changes, including Underworld becoming Underworld Denizens and Chaos Pact becoming Chaos Renegades.  The new names are official and the new rules for these teams will be used.
  • No special referees or pitches are allowed..

Coaches may include up to Two Star Players as part of their team. All of the Star Players from the CRP as well as the new players from Death Zone 1 and 2 and Spike Magazines will be allowed (Note the cost of Guffle Pussmaw is 210K as per the official errata). Where a player from DZ1 or DZ2 is made to be a replacement for a player from the CRP, you may bring either of the two, but not both. For example, you may field Glart Smashrip or Glart Smashrip Jr, but not both.

If you spend less than the 1.1M, you will not be entitled to Inducements on a game-by-game basis.

Note: During the West Coast Quake we will be providing each team with custom Special Play Cards for the tournament.

Also note: During the tournament, Undead Coaches can raise opposing players from the dead, following the usual rules, but since this is a “resurrection” Tournament, teams revert to their starting rosters each round. Undead raised cannot therefore be carried from game to game. Apothecaries may be used, according to the rules in the Competition Rule Pack.

Matchups and Standings:

  • We arrange matchups via a Swiss system by overall record.
  • Standings are arranged by W/T/L record. Tie breakers are 1) head to head matchups, 2) total of casualties plus TDs and 3) total fouls.


  • A painted team whose players clearly represent their position on your Blood Bowl team.
  • Some Roster sheets with your NAF Name and Number.
  • NAF/GW Blocking Die.
  • (Money to buy cool new stuff at the store).


You do not have to be a NAF member to play. We encourage you to Join NAF and even renew your membership. Membership in NAF gives you access to great free online support stuff like STARS or QUILT and another informative resource about Blood Bowl as well as Local and Worldwide rank and standing for each team or you as a whole. (You and your opponent get ranking points just for playing)Access to information about 100’s of tournaments worldwide and direct access to those running it . NAF membership for each year is only $10 and yes you do get the cool Dice.